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1) Trump is the only President NOT FOR SALE! Trump can’t be bought! He’s the ONLY Candidate who paid for his own Campaign! He refused millions of dollars in donations, so he can’t be manipulated. ALL other Politicians who ran for President were funded by Campaign Contributors, Lobbyists, Special Interest Groups who would manipulate them if they got to the White House. 
2 A) 99.9% of US Politicians are corrupt! Their lives are spent running for office or being in office. They don’t care about Americans. They only care about their own pocket books! USA has been taken over by Oligarchs! B) Trump is a very successful businessman, not a Politician! Until now that is. He’s the “People’s President”! Trump loves Americans! He is a TRUTHFUL Patriot who loves our country and wants to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain! This video explains Donald’s love for America! youtu.be/cGpumQ4a5Fk
3) TRUMP IS WORKING FOR FREE: As President, Trump said he will not accept a salary for the position! By law, he said he may have to accept $1.
4) Trump studied Real Estate in college and graduated from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. He is brilliant with an IQ of 150-160: 
5) Trump is a self-made Billionaire! His father was a self-made Millionaire from Queens, but Donald moved up to Manhattan when he made his own fortune!
6) The problem with US politicians is they make BAD DEALS for America! (The bad Iran Deal is a perfect example!) Donald is a master Negotiator! He knows everything about how to make great deals! He is also an expert at turning BAD Contracts into good Contracts! Trump is the ONLY President with this exceptional talent! That’s how he got rich. Trump will make America rich again by negotiating great deals, and RENEGOTIATING bad deals made by other Politicians!
7) NO JOBS in America: Unemployment is at a record-high due to companies leaving USA and setting up shop in foreign countries! Trump knows how to bring jobs back to America! Trump: “I will be the greatest Jobs President that God ever created!” Trump will make America rich again! Young people will have great job opportunities to pay off their Student Loans! There will be plenty of good jobs for everyone!
8) Trump has spent his life on the other side as a Political Donor. He donated to everybody ’cause he’s a successful businessman and he’s generous! Consequently, Trump knows the Political ropes! This knowledge and experience enables him to be a great president!
9) Trump does business with people around the globe, so he’s already used to working well with foreign leaders, politicians, and very important people. He is confident that he will be “great friends” with President Vladimir Putin and other world leaders in bringing peace between our nations! Trump has already had positive conversations with Putin. Peace is on the way!
10) Trump says, Illegals are treated better than our Veterans! As President, he won’t let that happen any more. Our Veterans have been betrayed and discarded by the US gov’t! Many have died due to incompetent VA! Our military doesn’t have good equipment to protect our brave soldiers. Instead the good equipment is shipped to the Middle East and is now in the hands of ISIS! Trump will take GREAT care of Veterans! It’s a top priority on his To-do List! Trump will rebuild our military so strong that no country will even think of attacking us!
11) Obama said his biggest concern is “Climate Change”. I don’t agree! Trump’s biggest concern is “Nuclear Climate Change”, meaning NUCLEAR WAR! Trump wants to make sure Nuclear War never happens! Trump will do everything he can to ensure Nuclear War never happens.
12) Trump really cares about women! He is going to make sure Women’s Health issues are taken care of. It’s another priority with him! Trump has many women in top Executive positions in his company. He’s hired women in Executive positions for 30+ years, even when it was unpopular, many of them getting higher salaries than men.
13) Trump will stop Illegal Immigration! He will build a wall on the Mexican Border. The 1st DAY IN OFFICE, Trump will start deporting illegal gang members who have saturated big inner cities with violent crimes! He will deport Illegals, and those of good character will be able to re-enter LEGALLY! Trump’s wall will have a big door for legal immigrants to come to America! Trump has thousands of Legal immigrants working for him now. As President, he will create jobs for millions of Americans! Visit this link to see Trump’s Immigration Reform Plan:
14) Trump believes Vaccine overloads cause Autism! (So do I!) As president, he can work with the CDC to make vaccines safe for babies and children!
15) Trump will stop the corruption in the US Gov’t! There won’t be any more IRS targeting Conservatives! He will not turn his head from corruption and scandals, i.e., Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, etc, that has been happening for many years now!
16) Taxes: Trump knows all about Taxes! He spends a fortune having his taxes done. Trump’s Tax Plan simplifies the Tax System, taxes Hedge funds, lowers taxes for Middle Class and much more! Single persons making under $25,000 will pay “0”; Couples making under $50,00 will pay “0”! See Trump’s Tax Plan here:
16) Trump supports 2nd Amendment: He fully supports the right to bear arms as detailed on his Website. On his first day in Office, Trump will rescind Obama’s Executive Orders that chip away at the 2nd Amendment. Visit this link for details: 
17) Trump does not believe in “Gun-free” zones. They are targets for terrorists. Some of our finest US military were killed in Gun-Free zones. Trump has vowed to end Gun-Free Zones the 1st day in Office as President.
18) Trump believes the US military should not be in Ukraine, and US should not be bombing Syria (when it interferes with Russia’s efforts). Trump believes other countries located in those proximities should deal with problems in the Middle East. He believes US are not the world’s police! I agree! Trump supports Vladimir Putin?s plans to destroy ISIS in Syria! Trump has vowed to stop ISIS. He has already spoken with Putin about tackling the problem of ISIS.
19) Trump opposes US plans to bring 200,000 so-called “Refugees” into the USA! He sees the majority of Refugees are very fit young men, with almost no women/children. The men have no ID and cannot be vetted! Trump asks why aren’t they fighting for their country? Trump raises the question that these men might be an ISIS Trojan Horse for America! (I agree!) Trump will NOT allow any Refugees into USA, but he supports the idea of working with other nations to create “Safe Zones” in Syria for Refugees to be able to stay in their own country, and he would do so in a very “humanitarian” way. Trump says, when he is President, he will send Refugees that Obama brings into USA, back! That’s great news!
20) There is a strong hatred of Americans by Muslims. Many murders have been committed by Islamic terrorists in the name of Allah. Trump wants to temporarily Ban Muslims from entering America, until such a time as we can figure out why they hate us, and what can be done to solve this problem. A List of Islamic Terror on American Soil: 
21) Here’s what Donald did to stop a Mosque from being built at Ground Zero in NY after 9/11:
22) Trump has written over a dozen books. “Trump: The Art of the Deal” is his 2nd favorite book! It was on the Best-Seller List for 51 weeks and sold over 1 million copies! (I read his book “Trump: How to Get Rich”. It was great!) If you want to know more about Trump, read his books! List of Trump’s books:
23) Trump is a Christian. He attends a Presbyterian Church. The Bible is his all-time favorite book. Donald has a collection of Bibles. People send him Bibles often, and he stores them all in a very special place.
24) Trump has always been a clean and sober guy: He has never had one drop of alcohol, never smoked, or used drugs! When his children were growing up, he imprinted in their minds never to use those vices. When giving advice to young people, he emphasizes abstinence from these vices! See for yourself:
25) Trump is a great father and husband. His children (adults) are a reflection of their father. They are also very successful and talented, and will be running his company if/when he gets to the White House! Trump has said, as president, he will be totally focused on making America great again! He feels that his company is irrelevant now, restoring America is his only focus!
26) Trump cares about the poor. He cares about helping others. He gives a LOT of money to charities, but he rarely talks about it. 
https://youtu.be/NwIL6imI6EU Some
other causes Trump has given to (Video):
27) Trump cares about minorities. He has vowed to improve conditions in inner cities that are riddled with crime. He has vowed to bring good education back to the inner cities. He believes many ethnic problems in USA will be resolve themselves when jobs are brought back, taxes are lowered, life-styles improve!
28) Mainstream Media has misreported Trump’s views on Hispanics. Trump is NOT racist. He has employed thousands of Hispanics who are in America legally! Trump wants to deport all Illegals, no matter what country they come from, but he will also give them a chance to return legally if they qualify. Trump knows many illegals that cross the Mexican border are criminals. These criminals are from many countries. That’s his biggest reason for building a wall. Trump wants to protect ALL Americans by securing the border. Crossing the US border without going through proper channels is ILLEGAL. It’s against the Law, but it hasn’t been enforced for too long! Trump will fix that.
29) Trump is no wimp! He will fight for Americans! I want a President who’s not a wimp, who stands up for me!
30) Trump is a Master Builder! He builds all sorts of things! He wants to fix America’s broken down bridges and roads. He wants to fix and build great things in America! Trump will build a great Wall on the Mexican Border, fast and at low-cost!
31) DID YOU KNOW? Trump funded and renovated Wollman Rink in 3 months that was
taking New York 6 years to fix! The Mayor wouldn’t approve his offer, so Trump said he would PAY for the renovations! Trump was approved! Read about it here: 
32) Trump bought the old Historic Post Office in Washington DC! He bought it from Obama! He restored it to it’s grandeur and turned it into a fine Hotel! Trump’s buildings are the finest in the world! Read about the Post Office here: 
33) Obamacare is a disaster that will totally implode in 2017! It is a horrible and expensive Tax on Americans! Trump will repeal Obamacare and replace it with a much better Health Care System! He already has thousands of employees that he provides GREAT Health Care Plans for! He wants ALL Americans to have Health Care without being taxed and put into debt! Obamacare is plunging USA into more debt! Trump knows all about Health Care and how to fix it, because of his experience!
34) USA is $21 Trillion in debt and rising! Democrat and Republican Politicians are to blame! Trump is the ONLY President with the experience and know-how to get USA out of debt! He will do it! Visit LIVE U.S. Debt Clock to see the current National Debt: 
35) Trump is already bringing jobs back to America!–>Ford Shifts Work from Mexico to Ohio, Thanks to Trump!
36) 22 Veterans a Day Commit Suicide: Donald loves our Veterans, especially our Wounded Warriors. He can and will do everything to help them. Trump has established a HOTLINE for U.S. Military Veterans! Call: 855-VETS-352. At one of his Rallys, Trump Offered to personally help a wounded Vet in Iowa (10-27-15) Video:
37) Trump wrote a check for $25,000 to Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, a Marine who was freed from a Mexican prison after 214 days in jail. (Obama did NOTHING to help free Tahmooressi!)
38) Trump wrote a new book, “Crippled America”! Get the book to understand more about what’s gone wrong in America and US Politics, and Donald’s plans to fix it! 
39) Trump donates ALL the proceeds from his books to Charity! Who does that? He
does! Here are some other Charities that he gives to, but there are many more: 
40) Donald Trump has a heart of gold! He sent his Jet to fly a very sick 3-year-old and his parents from California to New York where they were seeking the best medical care for their child, after Commercial Airlines refused to do so. 
41) Trump wants to help alleviate College Loans & debt that is bogging down students. He believes College Tuition costs are too high, taking advantage of students. He will will bring quality jobs back to America so they kind find good work, and he will take action to help Students with their loans and lower College Tuition. “Trump: Why is federal government making money on student loans?” 
42) Trump is against Common Core! He’s against the Federal Government controlling education. He will end Common Core and give Education back to the states. VIDEO: 
43) A REAL HERO! Brave Donald stopped a Mugger, a “big guy with a big bat”! Nov. 20, 1991
http://articles.philly.com/1991-11-20/news/25769814_1_donald-trump-marla-maples-big-bat Photo:https://twitter.com/Samstwitch/status/682024067822571525
44) Donald Trump is “militaristic” from his days in NY Military Academy! “Cadet Captain” 8th-12th grades!
45) The Generosity of Donald Trump: Liberty University President (Jerry Falwell Jr) Explains
46) On his first day in Office, Trump will rescind many of Obama’s Executive Orders on amnesty for illegals, laws chipping away at 2nd Amendment, etc! 
47) When Donald Trump Fought the Racists 
48) Fellow Cadet: Let me tell you about Donald Trump!
49) Time when Trump saved a Georgia farm. A man with brains and heart.
50) Donald Trump is ‘incredibly generous’ says ex-Butler 
51) Donald Trump Shows Kindness To A Little Girl With Bone Disease 
52) 200 Stranded Marines Needed A Plane Ride Home, Here’s How Donald Trump
53) Donald Trump’s Top 10 Rules For Success 
54) Apple exploring United States based production (after Trump’s Win)
55) Tweet from President Elect Trump (11/17/16): “Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky – no Mexico”
56) Videos by @
A) Making America Great Again (since Trump has become President Elect) 
B) The Untruth About Donald Trump 
C) More Untruth About Donald Trump 
57) Lost Donald Trump Interview from over 25 years ago: 
58) Donald Trump’s Speech on his Foreign Policy Plan: 
59) Donald Trump an honored Speaker on Economic Recovery (1991) Testimony at
House Budget Committee
60) The Donald Trump I know: by talented golfer Natalie Gulbis: 
61) Trump is hated by the Left and MSM because he is not a member of the New World Order elite that is destroying America! Newt Gingrich on why GOP establishment hates Donald! “He didn’t belong to the secret society…He hasn’t been through the initiation rites” 
https://youtu.be/dO-NA73FsW8 Bohemian
Grove (Secret Society): 4 Videos Of Politicians Confronted About Bohemian Grove 
62) Donald Trump’s whole life has led to the Presidency! 
63) Donald Trump Releases List of Potential Supreme Court Appointments (all
good choices for America!)
64) Donald Trump’s Full Speech on National Security, Hillary Clinton in Manchester, NH (6-13-16)
65) Trump has vowed to protect Americans from Terrorists. Why this is important!

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God Bless President Trump and God Bless America!

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