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The Ciphers of Civilizations

The minarets of the mosque in Cologne will soon surpass the famous cathedral towers. Hordes of aliens are landing on the continent shores. Hierarchs of the Church and left-wing liberals call in accordance for opening the gates of Europe! But the newcomers, sooner or later “will fill the sky the powerful guard, turning themselves into a murderous shooting stars” (Qur’an, the prophetic verses of the sura LXXII). To understand the inevitability of such a change, you have to reject the hypocrisy and deception of the Latin civilization distorting. In practice its current form has almost nothing common with the classic standards: the democracy of Athens, with the concept of truth inspiring ancient Greek philosophy, with Phidias canons of beauty, the Olympic idea of perfection in life, in literature and drama, with the implementation of Roman law and the Christianity force – love that overcomes evil.

Meanwhile compact Islamic communities consist of people who deeply believe and live in strict discipline. They must not tolerate anything against their religion. Information about encoded in the Muslim psyche, with particular confluence of circumstances is destructive. Judaic calculation and Christians charity impulse are similarly rooted in faith, but they are not so spontaneous. Recent immigrants, Muslims hungry for peace and prosperity will expand the area of the Islam power through natural reproduction. When they encounter social deformations and caricatures of their holiness may turn into a “murderous star” suicide attacks.

Every religion craves material support, and Christianity is particularly vulnerable. There is no Latin civilization without Christianity and vice-versa. They know his enemies, and therefore the removal of Christ’s teachings gained momentum after the separation of religion and state. There has been a re-evangelization of Christians conducted in the spirit of strengthening. Tireless pastoral care of father Thaddeus Rydzyk, led to a victory (in last Polish parliamentary elections) a political party that declares coming back to the tradition in which Catholicism was one of state power pillars. Some citizens of the country reacted, as if they had nothing common with Poland beyond their names and addresses. Such people have long been softened faith and morals. They had propagated  relativism and the pursuit of profit nascent widespread corruption even from thousands years. Those activities have resulted during the Great French Revolution, but the stimulating code could have been brought in the middle Ages together with the first refugees from the East.

In order not to let our continent become an arena of a mutual carnage, you have to return to the values that made Europe the cradle of world culture, and then (if at all) to open the gate. One has to discard liberal idiocy, advertising women with a beard, general abortion, disorder in freedom proportion and in the implementation of law, democracy for democracy, the disappearance of procreation and the permission to “do what you please!” Again affliction to the altars is needed. Some people are merely unwitting victims of fashion as such Pole girls assuming harem pants with a step at the knees, deliberately distorting the figure (for admiration = lust = offense). Young people, regardless of where they come from, do not desire relaxation offered by ideological guides and they eagerly follow these who promote cleanliness and discipline. Principles convince faster than an existential nihilism. Eyesore is hypocrisy of leaders who do not prevent the starvation of children, but saintly want to have so-called refugees adopted.

Let the saints be a model for the spirit and let the body take the example of knights. The time is for Roland’s horn to be used. Let men do not hesitate to die in a family defense. Let women beget children and will create the paradise on earth. Maybe Muslims, charmed by the strength and morale of the Latin civilization, will make a valuable contribution to its continued existence. But if the rot reaches the bottom, the Caliphate is sure. Many people will go to Islam. Christians will pay tribute, or have deposited heads on the chopping block. Sharia will eliminate same-sex marriage, adoption of children by pedophiles, sexual debauchery, drinking, widespread use of drugs, offending God with stupid drawings, etc. Let it be what has to be. Let apeing girls wear harem-paints and burqa. Blunt brains remain blunt. It is only a pity that Sapphos and Skłodowskis – for the next millennium nights – will tell tales sultans.

The current civilizations shock is due of precise use of the code contained in three monotheistic religions of the Mediterranean and which had directed thousands generations of their followers. Recently a group of people, wielding enormous resources, have decided to use the knowledge to steer the fate of civilizations. They are aiming to ensure comfortable conditions for the survival of themselves and their familes. According to their plan, local wars will turn the world to the „calculated superiority” of the reason over an “absurd faith.” Civilization will serve the rulers of the world, but they will not be able to deal with the Far East that is ingrained in the traditions. In a later term, it will result in a global conflict . The final effect is known only to The God and His prophets.

The God is unimaginable, and prophets are worried about what was, and what will be, because they care of the loved ones fate. Man does not want to know about the misfortune and people turn against clairvoyants. The Polish priest Klimuszko (the seventies of XX c,) predicted a war against Islam started by swarthy warriors arriving in Europe on small, round ships. He was proclaimed crazed. In 1995, The Empire of hypocrisy novel author informed the President of the United States about the possibility of suicide air attack on New York skyscrapers. Peas against the wall!

“Mane Tekel  Phares”.

Unless the causes of the current tensions arise entirely for reasons other than described. Maybe the post-European powers are informed of a threat to the children of the white race genetically targeted lethal infection. The only way to save the population is a crossword with another race (see: The Empire of Hypocrisy). The people flowing into Europe is also true (usually) white race, but nobody can preview all plans masters of the world. Maybe it’s not about the infection, but about haunted civilizations – at the height of their development – an incurable psychosis? And a different way of organizing societies is the only way to prevent a disaster.

Anyway, the nearest future will verify the predictions.

O autorze: Jerzy Terpiłowski

Polski pisarz, eseista, dramaturg, tłumacz. Laureat Nagrody Ministra Kultury (2004) oraz Medalu Prymasa Tysiąclecia (2001). Organizator i prezes Stowarzyszenia "Pospolite Ruszenie" dla Ochrony Tradycji Polskiej, redaktor naczelny miesięcznika kulturalno-społecznego "Tradycja". Członek Stowarzyszenia Tłumaczy Polskich i Stowarzyszenia Dziennikarzy Polskich.